Deadened Cover and my gameplan

Alright. So I’ve finished the cover for Deadened and I have to say, I am uber-pleased with it. I think it’s my favorite so far. On that note I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have a game plan in place for the next several months. I have already started writing Deceived which is the third book in the Avery Tywella Series. I should have it released by the beginning of April. Then my plan is to take a month redoing the covers of my first books while also working on trying to expand my reader base. When I first started writing, that was all I wanted to concentrate on. Now that I’ve gotten several books out I think it’s time to pause and see what I can do to promote my books more. But I’m only planning on dedicating a month to revamping my older books and taking the initial steps to get my name out there. By summer I will be back to writing full force again and I should have Fable City, the first book in a new series out by the end of June. Summer tends to be the time of year that I have the most amount of time. There’s no school and we take a break from a lot of the activities we’re involved in during the rest of the year so it gives me more time to do stuff I like to do and one of my most favorite things is sitting on my deck while the kids play in the yard or pool and create a new story. Anyway, now that I’ve given you an update on my plans between now and summer here’s the new book cover. Hope ya like it!


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