March 30

F words

Today’s post is all about me venting. I will try to keep this as clean as possible and hopefully no one takes offense.

The F on my keyboard is stuck. I have to F-ing hit it as hard as I F-ing can in order to get the F-ing thing to work. I’ve been trying my best to write at top speed only to have the F-ing F trip me up every time. You would be surprised how many words in the english language start with F. I’ve tried F-ing everything. Canned air, alcohol and a q-tip, I even used a knife to pry it up while rubbing the aforementioned alcohol q-tip around the edge and nothing F-ing works.Granted, that probably wasn’t the smartest thing especially since it didn’t work anyway. My hope is that typing as many words that start with F as possible will, hopefully, break free the F-ing stuck F key so that is the point of this F-ing post. Have a great day!

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