Quote of the Day

Since the last quote was Vieve making fun of Rayn’s accent I decided I would make this quote about Avery making fun of Callum’s accent. Even though Callum was only in Deadened his being there helped her in many ways and set up some of the events that happen later in the series. So here we go. They’re training and Callum, being an experienced Fey warrior, doesn’t believe in going easy on anyone. Especially not Avery.

“Ye are not bringing yer left arm high enough and ye move like a snail. Doona ye know how tae move faster?”

“Doona ya know how to speak English? I’m moving as fast as I can!”

“Aye, ye will just have tae practice until ye can move faster.”

Poor Avery. Don’t worry though she gives him a run for his money later in the book.

I also wanted to take a moment to tell y’all where I am as far as the book I’m currently working on. As of right this minute I’m at 59,391 words. It should be at between seventy and eighty thousand by the time I finish. And hopefully by then I will actually have a name for it. Right now it’s saved as Contemporary Romance but I don’t think that’ll quite do it when it comes time to publish. Anyway, have a good one everybody.

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