New Book Release!

Hey all! TGIF!! I’ve been super busy this week. After releasing The Fabled Sunday night (which is still free to anyone who signs up for my email distro list. Just click the contact tab.) I immediately went to work redoing the cover of Deadened which I really like.

Those of you who have been with me for the last several months might remember me talking about a contemporary romance I was writing. Well, after I finished writing it, it got shelved because I was busy becoming a home DIYer then started writing The Fabled. This week I picked it back up, did the first edit on it and got it over to my beta readers. And, finally settled on a name for it. Balancing the Scales. I should have it ready for release in two weeks and I’ll be adding a page with an excerpt in just a little while. I’ll keep you posted on the release. Now that I’m finished with it (for now) I’ve started writing Craven’s book which is aptly named Craven. It should be out the first part of next month if everything stays on schedule.  Also, I’m still planning a release party for The Fabled and I’ll be running a couple of contests later this month. Again, I’ll keep you posted.

I actually had a shirt in my teens that had this picture on it and I thought it was hilarious. Since it’s the peek of mosquito season I thought it was the perfect caption. I wish y’all a wonderful weekend. Stay safe!

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