The Necromancer’s Wife!

You are going to hear me talk about this book a lot over the next month because I am super excited about it! It will be my first Steampunk and the story line builds up to an epic battle between the First Lord’s Angels and the Necromancer’s Zombies. It follows the story of a woman named Jessamine who is stuck in an arranged marriage to a Necromancer named Reuben Hughes. She learns about a plan he has to overtake the First Lord’s army and gain the Kingdom for himself in a twisted effort to keep her with him. She also finds out the reason why is because an Oracle long ago told him he would find his one true love but would lose her to another. After meeting her when she was only fifteen Reuben knew she was the one the Oracle spoke of and he also knew he would one day lose her. It was at that moment’s realization he began his plans for moving to a utopia, the only utopia he knew of, the Kingdom. But Jessamine will not sit by idly while an entire race of beings is killed because of her. She will have to break free of her prison to warn the First Lord, if she can only stay alive. Because her husband doesn’t mind reanimating her if it means she will remain his forever.

Like I said, I’m super excited about it and I wanted to share my excitement. Have a great Sunday everyone!!

Dressed up woman gun in steampunk style

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