The Forged by Magic Trilogy

Hey all!  I hope your holidays are going great. I know I’ve been absent for a bit, and I’d like to say that is changing, but the truth is, I won’t be back to work full time until after January 5th (that’s my son’s bday). With that said, I wanted to take a minute to explain my recent changes to the Forged by Magic Trilogy. Primarily, price. I do have a method to my madness and it all involves money. Here’s a quick lesson about Amazon’s pay grid for indie authors. If your title is priced under 2.99, you (the author) only get 35% of the royalties. So, for a .99 book you only get about .35 per copy sold. If your title is priced 2.99 or higher, you get 70% of the royalties (less a delivery fee based on the file size which is usually less than five cents). So, for a 2.99 book you get a little over two dollars. I know you’re probably asking what does that have to do with you, the reader. Well…nothing really. I, the writer, however, want to make as much as I can off each book without having to charge you, the reader, any more than necessary. So, I devised a plan (not really. I just followed what everyone else is doing.) In an attempt to get a higher royalty, I created a box set. What is the purpose of this, you ask. Right now, if someone bought my entire trilogy including the prequel novella, they would pay a total of 2.97, but because each individual book is priced under 2.99 I only get 35% royalty.  With a box set I can bundle all four books together and price it at 2.99 therefore getting the higher 70% royalty. You, the reader, pay basically the same price while I, the writer, make more and Amazon gets less. I’m sorry Amazon. I love you. Truly I do, but I’m tired of you getting more money for my books than I do.

In an attempt to coerce people to buy the box set, I’ve upped the price of each book individually to 2.99. Do I expect someone to pay 2.99 for a single book when they could buy the entire set for the same price? Heck no. I want people to buy the box set. They get four awesome books for one low price and I make a little more money. It’s a win, win.  Oh, and I’m keeping Brimstone free. That way anyone who wants to try out the series can read the first book and determine whether or not to buy the rest.

I’m currently working (slowly) on Devoted, but I will be back in full force after the first of the year. Until then, I hope each and every one of you has the best Christmas ever and your New year beats your expectations.

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