Valentine’s Fools

Hey all! I hope your January is going great. I, myself, am sick. ‘Tis the season after all. Since my head is all stuffed up and I’m finding it terribly hard to write, I decided now would be a good time to add a Valentine story that I have already written. I actually wrote this story last year and posted it to my website for the month of February, but a lot of Avery fans didn’t even know who she was a year ago. So, for those that enjoy the series, this short takes place in between books 2 and 3. It’s more of a funny story than a sappy love kind of one which is why I thoroughly enjoyed reading back through it while feeling icky.

If you haven’t read the Avery Tywella series, you could still read this story without being completely lost but it’ll make more sense if you’re familiar with the characters. ¬†Enjoy!

valentine's fools

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