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Fabled Lost Free

The wait is over!! Fabled Lost is now available on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and all other ebook retailers.



“My poor, sweet beast. How broken we are apart.”

William Ford just wants his life back. He was a normal guy who took a job working as a glorified gofer at a lab, and now he is a freak who turns into an even bigger freak when he can’t control himself. Slowly, he is slipping away until he fears only the beast inside him will remain. That is when he meets Lucian Dubois. The Council leader helps William by bringing him to the strongest Fae in existence, the Bruce. Only the Bruce wants William as his champion while William wants his freedom—freedom from the Caduceus, freedom from the Fabled, and freedom from the beast within. A chance encounter with a woman will change everything he finds important because this isn’t their first meeting or their first life.

Kairi Blake is living a lie. She lives in a town where no one is real, goes to a college that is a sham, and gets monthly injections that kept the farce in place. Her primary problem is that she can’t remember anything but the lie. Help from a friend brings back the barest of memories, but it’s enough to give her direction to the only family she has.

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