Eve of Change on Kindle Scout

How would you like a free copy of Eve of Change, the first book in the After the Merging Series? Well, just head on over to the book’s page on Kindle Scout https://www.kindlescout.amazon.com and nominate Eve of Change.

So I decided to do something new with this book. I’ve submitted Eve of Change for Kindle Scout, which is something I’ve never done before. I’ve read a few posts on the subject of Kindle Scout and most said it’s worth submitting your book because even if your book doesn’t get the contract, it still builds exposure for not only that book but your other books as well. The best part is that that exposure is FREE! I don’t know about you, but frugal is my middle name, so I decided to give it a go.

How it works

Eve of Change is pretty much ready for distribution. I have the cover, the manuscripts been edited and proofread (thanks Mary, Hazel, Ruth, Siara, and Christine,) and it’s been formatted for publishing. I submitted it to Kindle Scout after agreeing to a contract I probably should have had a lawyer read, and the book is now available for preview here.  That’s where you come in. This program is all about offering the readers what they want, so you get to choose which books get a publishing contract. Readers can nominate a book for publication, and the more nominations, the more likely it is to get published through Kindle Scout. Even better, if you nominate a book and it’s selected, you get a free copy as soon as it’s released! That sounds like a win-win to me.

Eve of Change


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