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Balancing the Scales Release!

Hey all! I’m going to be uploading Balancing The Scales later today so it will be live either tonight or tomorrow morning. I can’t wait! My very first Contemporary Romance. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the page, I’ve added the blurb below. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s live! Happy Thursday!!

How does a beautiful, thirty-four year-old woman balance being a mother to her two children and lover to her new beau? Kate Richardson never thought she would have to ask. Until the night her home was broken into. The would-be robbers were quite surprised to find a shotgun holding woman waiting for them on the staircase. As her daughter calls the cops Kate holds the robbers at bay. Well before the police should have been able to make it all the way out to her home in the country there was a knock on the door. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked through the peephole and found the hottest man she has ever seen and quickly dubbed him Detective Smokin’.

Detective Cole Sloken has lived in Jacksonville just over six months. Living out in the middle of nowhere, the majority of his time was spent with his daughter or at work until a call came in as he was driving home one night. Although home invasion wasn’t his jurisdiction since he was a homicide detective, he couldn’t just leave a mother and her children to fend for themselves knowing it would take the officers several precious minutes to get there. So he made a quick detour and knocked on the door of the victim. He was shocked to find the situation under control and the most beautiful woman he has ever seen standing over her attackers with a shotgun. He knew right then his life would never be the same.

Now Kate and Cole must learn to love again but there are those who would prefer them apart and everyone has baggage. When their pasts come calling will they be able to beat the odds or will it tear them apart?

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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.