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Ange Noir is now live on Amazon.

That’s right. Ange Noir, the prequel novella, is now live. Here is the description on Amazon and I’m putting on the prologue and first chapter for those that didn’t read it at the end of Iron Made.


After escaping the Elve King, Genivieve needs to find Vampire Dorian Black in an attempt to save her sister and only friend, Isabella. Only Dorian refuses to help her sister until she does a favor for him. Genivieve is forced to play victim to another King in an attempt to save her sister’s life.

Once Isabella is safe Genivieve can finally take the vacation she has long been waiting for, only that doesn’t go exactly as planned as she finds an injured Prince floating down the river and a passion ignites like she has never dreamed.

This is a companion novel to the Forged by Magic Trilogy. It is recommended to read book one of the series before this novella as it explains Genivieve’s past prior to these events. For the fans of the Forged by Magic Trilogy, this book tells the tale of how Genivieve managed to help her sister become what she is today and the events surrounding her first encounter with Rayn.

The Forged by Magic Trilogy consists of:
Brimstone Now Available
Iron Made Now Available
Dragon’s Flame To be Released Dec. 1, 2013



Author’s Note

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know a little something about this book. These events take place hundreds of years before the Forged by Magic Trilogy begins. I thought this story needed to be told because even though she recounts what happened to her with both her sister and Rayn there was more to the story than what was covered in Brimstone.

For those that haven’t read the Trilogy and decided to read this book first, understand there are some events that happen prior to this story that are told in the first book of the Forged by Magic Trilogy. Given that fact, there may be times when you don’t understand why Genivieve makes some of the choices she makes or why she’s doing what she’s doing. This book was meant to be a companion to the Trilogy so I strongly recommend reading at least Brimstone before this novella.

Also, this is a true love story. That is why the cover depicts a couple. Because, from Isabella and Dorian to Genivieve and Raynon the message of this book is love. However, there is not a “and they lived happily ever after” ending but if you read Brimstone, you already know that.

Hope you enjoy!

Sara aka S. L. Gavyn



Raynon Dubhshaine 847 by the Gods’ Time


Raynon watched as the messenger rode into the courtyard. He had been sparring with his father but had to quit so his father could receive the message.
“Come, son. Ye will receive our guest with us,” his father said.
“Aye, Father.”
For the last century or more his parents had been training him to take over as the future King. Therefore, any messengers or missives received he was forced to greet and listen to. The worst part was the meetings. Gods they drug on for hours. He would much rather be training with the other men or chasing some bonny lass across the country side. But duty called.

They entered the castle through the main entry and walked through the foyer to his father’s office. By the time they arrived, Nicolei, the chief of security, had already brought the messenger in and had him sit while awaiting their King.
“Greetings, Alfred. How fares my beautiful goddaughter?”
“I am afraid Lady Elizabeth is not well at all, Sire. It shames me to tell you. Her husband, the King, has laid his hand to her on more than one occasion. She has sent me to notify you that she has met a local eatery owner who is helping her to escape Ireland with her child. They were to leave on a merchant ship four days past. She will be arriving in England and from there she and the babe will make their way to Scotland. She would appreciate an entourage to meet them in Durham in one weeks time to accompany them on the journey home,” Alfred said.
“This is distressing news. Ah advised her not tae wed that Elve. Aye, Ah will send men within a day. It should not take them more than five tae reach Durham. Rest now, Alfred. Ye have done well in helping ma goddaughter. We will handle it from here.”
“Thank you, Sire,” he said as he left the room.
The King turned to Raynon. “Ah would like ye tae lead the group tae Durham. Prepare tae leave on the morrow. Ye will bring her and the bairn back tae us.”
“Aye, Sire. Ah will kill any Elve that tries tae stop us.”
“Ah have taught ye well. Go, rest now for yer travels.”
Raynon left his father’s office and went to the training fields to spar with Aedan and Nic. He would have plenty of time for rest when he was dead.




The next morning as Raynon was preparing the men for their departure an Elven party arrived at the castle. They had an extra covered cart that was being pulled behind the rest of the party. Nic led them into his father’s office and Raynon joined them.
“King Dubhshaine, I bring word from King an Dorn regarding Lady Elizabeth MacGregor,” the leader of the group said.
“Aye, what is this news of my goddaughter?” the King asked.
Raynon figured they were coming to tell them about Elizabeth leaving the King.
“I regret to inform you that Lady Elizabeth committed suicide by throwing herself from the King’s tower. We have been instructed to return her body to her family.”
“What!? What dae ye mean she committed suicide? When?”
“Sire, it was five days past. I believe she was distraught over the King’s attentions to a local eatery owner. But no one knows exactly why she would do such a thing with a young child relying on her. It is truly a tragedy.”
Raynon could see the vein start to pop out of his father’s neck and he knew he was irate.
“Ye come here and expect me tae believe that my godchild, who sent a messenger not a day before she died saying that she was tae escape her abusive husband in two days time, killed herself? Go! Leave my presence! Return tae yer King and tell him Ah doona believe his lies. Ah will have a missive sent within two days.”
The Elves bowed to the King and hastily left the room. Raynon stayed behind while Nic and the other warriors left to escort the Elves off the premises.
“How can Ah tell yer mother that Elizabeth is dead? How can Ah tell the MacGregors? ‘Twas not enough tae kill her, now he will ruin her good name by claiming she abandoned her husband and child by death. Ah will not stand for it. He will pay for this. We are many and we are strong and we will run that bastard into the ground.”
Raynon’s father seldom got upset. He preferred to get even.
“Aye, father. That we will. He will rue the day he hurt one of our’s. Doona worry, father. Ah will tell the MacGregors. Ah would prefer tae tell Aedan myself.”
Elizabeth was Aedan’s only sibling and they were very close. He had practically begged her not to marry the King but she was adamant. He will not take the news of her death well at all. He was ready to ride today with Raynon to bring her back home. Now, instead, he will have to start planning her funeral.
“Ah must speak tae the council before sending ma return missive. Go son. By the time ye return, we will know if we go tae war with the Elves.”
“Aye, father.”
Raynon turned and left. He didn’t look forward to telling Aedan but did not want him to hear it from anyone else so after he left his father he went to the dining hall where the men were breaking their fast before the journey they were expecting to have. Raynon asked Aedan to walk with him in the gardens and there he told him of his sisters death and assured him that one way or another he would see that Elizabeth’s death was avenged. From there, the two of them left for Aberdeen and Aedan’s family estate.

It took them two days to reach Aberdeenshire on the east coast of Scotland. Once there, they broke the news to Elizabeth’s parents and presented them with her body. Raynon stayed two days with the MacGregors. The day after Elizabeth was laid to rest he set out on his return trip to Bevalon Castle.
Upon his return, he found his father most upset.
“Those weak bastards voted tae give the Elve King a chance tae pay restitution and publicly announce that he killed Elizabeth. Ye know as Ah that he will not dae that. There is no sense delaying the inevitable but they want tae give him a chance. We await his reply,” his father told him.
So they waited for nine days.

The day the massaging party arrived Raynon had been having tea with his mother.
“Ah wish you would be willing to meet more of the women throughout the shires. You will never find your mate rutting around with all those Humans,” his mother chided him.
“Every unmated Fey woman Ah have ever met has wanted but one thing, Mother. At least the Human women do not want tae marry me tae become Queen,” he replied.
“Not every unmated Fey woman wants to marry you for your station. Somewhere out there is your mate. You will never find her in a brothel.”
“Ah doona think Ah will find her waiting at the castle gates either.”
“You never know, ma son. Ah am sure you will find her when you least expect it. But Ah do wish you would hurry. Your father is ready to retire soon.”
“Ah will keep ma eyes open, Mother.”
She patted his cheek and smiled. “Be sure that you do.”
A warrior knocked on the door before entering. “Excuse me, ma Queen,” he said to Raynon’s mother then turned to him. “A Elven party has just entered through the gates, ma lord.”
Raynon nodded and told his mother to excuse him before leaving the room to meet with his father in his office.

The Elven party was led into the office while Raynon watched at his father’s side. There were five of them in total. The leader stepped forward.
“King Dubhshaine. We have brought a response from the Elve King. His reply is as follows. ‘I am contemplating the request you have given. I continue to claim innocence in the death of Elizabeth MacGregor but am considering the option of paying the restitution in order to prevent war with the Fey. I ask of you to grant one month’s time in order to come to a decision regarding this issue.’”
“Ah doona see what a month with accomplish. Either he will admit that he killed her or he will not,” the King said.
“If you will be sending a response, my Lord, my party would deliver it. If you would but allow us to stay the night, to recuperate after our long journey,” the Elve said.
“Very well, you may stay. Find reprieve in Bevalon Castle for this night. Ah will have a missive for ye in the morrow.”
“Thank you, my Lord, for your generosity.”
Nic led them from the room.
“Nicolei, have them placed in one of the guest rooms designed for visiting dignitaries.”
“Aye, Sire.” Then Nic left.
“Dae ye want me tae travel the tunnels, father?” Raynon asked.
“Nay, son. Ah have not yet decided if Ah will end them or not. If Ah decide tae, Ah want tae be the one tae take their lives.”
“Aye, Father. Then Ah bid you good eve.”
“Good eve tae ye, Son.”
Raynon turned to leave the room but the King called him back.
“Ye will make a good King someday, son. Ah will be glad tae see that day happen.”
“Thank ye, Father. Ah only hope Ah am as good as ye.”
“Aye, Ah doona doubt it.”
Raynon nodded to his father then left the room.

That was the last time he saw his father alive. He spent the rest of the evening with the men in the sitting room before retiring to his own rooms. When morning came, the Elves were gone and the King and Queen were dead. They had been murdered in their bed. Apparently, his father had decided to spare the party their lives and in return the Elves had taken his and his mate’s. By the time anyone was aware of what had happened the residual magic from the portals the Elves had used to return home had dissipated.

The first attack on the Elven nation came two days later with Prince Raynon Dubhshaine, ruler of the Fey, leading his warriors against the Elves of northern Ireland. The war would last over half of a century.


France, 900 by the Gods’ Time


Dear Gods above, I was tired. We had caught a ferry across the channel into France three days ago. From there I had purchased a small covered wagon and mule from a farmer at market. He had assured me the ass was in good health and able to pull us for as long as needed. He didn’t realize the trip we had before us. We headed south and in an attempt to cover our trail, backtracked several times while traveling to the east or west. I did not stop for longer than a few hours at a time as we slowly made our way toward southern France and into the center of a civil war.

Vampires ran France and had been ruling it for close to a millennium from what I had heard. It was the death of the previous King, Marion Arnaud Dubois, that had started the upheaval. Apparently, Vampire Kings are made not born so it was no surprise that the current King, Pasteur Regis Gaillard, took credit for the death and appointed himself to the throne. This started some turmoil for the country as a great many did not like the current King or agree to his vulgar mistreatment of the Human’s that called France home. Gaillard’s first law was that all Human’s residing in his Kingdom were now his possessions and could be called to serve him at any time he wished. Most of those that served as his dinner option were never seen again.

While he was enjoying the rewards of his station, the rest of the Vampires were reduced to starvation. It was an instant death sentence if a Vampire outside of the King’s personal guards was caught feeding from a Human. It was regardless of whether the Human consented. As his possessions, only he and his were allowed to touch them. That is what sparked the revolution. And the leader of the faction that was opposing the King’s tyranny was a Vampire by the name of Dorian Louis Black. He was the Vampire I had been sent to find and, through him, I would find salvation for my only friend and sister.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to actually find Black or any other member of his faction but I wasn’t going to give up until I did. We stopped in the forest before reaching the gates outside Bordeaux. I unhitched the ass and allowed him to drink from the nearby river while I checked on my sister. She had been steadily getting worse as the days had gone on. I had tried to share my essence with her, in an attempt to heal her, to no avail but she was a fighter just like me. I would find this Vampire and, if I had to hold a blade to his throat while he did it, he would turn my sister.
She currently rode on a small pallet composed of a worn pillow and blanket I had manage to procure at market. She had lost weight over the last couple of weeks. As I joined her in the wagon I saw that she was awake and watching me.
“Hello Sister. How do you feel today?” I asked.
“Like I have slept too much and you have not slept enough.”
“Who determines what is enough? I have not passed out yet so I would say that I have had just enough.”
She managed a smile that quickly turned sad.
“What are you doing here, Sister? You do not need to waist your time looking for some ghost in the French mountains. There is no savior for me. You have already spent to much time and energy trying to fix me. Sometimes, you just have to let it go,” she said.
“I will not and you can’t force me to. So I will have no more of this talk. Besides, we’re here now. I might as well find him and force him to turn you. I’ll rest soundly once you’re a creature of the night.”
She smiled. “And what if I don’t want to become a blood drinker?”
She was just trying me. I know she would rather have to occasionally drink blood than be a corpse in the ground.
“Well then I would have to inform you that the ground is cold so you might want to bundle up,” I said.
“That was harsh.”
“You want to be coddled, you found the wrong sister. I’m a fighter. You are a fighter. I’m asking you now to believe in me and hold on to the fight for just a little longer.”
A tear rolled down her face.
“It is becoming harder everyday. I know, if anyone can do this, it is you.”
I nodded. “I promise you, Isabella. If it is the last task I do, I will not let you die like this. You are all I have. What would I do without you?”
“I will accept your promise if you accept mine. Do not allow this to be the last task you do. I do not want to be saved just to be alone. You are all that I have as well.”
“We will make it, Sister. You will see,” I told her.
“I hope so.”
“Alright. I’m going to scout out the surrounding area and see if there is somewhere safe for you to stay while I hunt down our ghost.”
“Very well, do be careful.”
“You have the knife I gave you?”
She nodded and pulled the dagger out from under the pillow she laid on.
“I’ll be back as soon as I can,” I said.
She nodded again and I left the wagon. There was a mountain range in the distance. I like mountains. It’s easy to hide in them when you can open a portal and most mountains have caves if your lucky or crevasses if your not. Either way, I should be able to find some kind of shelter for Isabella. The only problem was that I couldn’t portal when I didn’t have any energy and I wouldn’t absorb any energy until I slept. So I had two objectives, find a temporary camping spot to sleep out the night and then find somewhere else to house Isabella temporarily.

I found where we would sleep out the night about a half an hour’s walk into the forest. The trees were extremely close together and it was apparent no one had passed through in quite a while. The leaves and straw were thick on the ground so I quickly found enough long sticks to build a make shift tent and covered it with some of the abundant leaves. It was just high enough that we could crawl in and lay down and it should blend in to the point that someone would have to actually step with in feet of it to realize it was there. Between the natural camouflage and the ward I would set on it to keep anything out, we should be good for the night. I quickly made my way back to the wagon. Nightfall was not to far off so I hitched the mule back up and drove the wagon as far away from our sleeping spot as possible and still be able to make it back before dark. I gathered Isabella and the few supplies we needed and hiked my way back to camp. I was exhausted and out of breath by the time we arrived so I quickly set the wards Dru had taught me and proceeded to pass out. I hope no one steps on us during the night.



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