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Creatures are plaguing Atlanta, killing the magical beings and stealing their magic. When a wizard is killed in front of Logan Callaghan, a centuries-old Fey warrior, a war begins. A Witch from another plane will be the key to figuring out where these creatures come from and how to stop them. Add, in a few Fallen Angels and you have a battle unlike any before on this earth.


Brimstone and Darkened are Free!

I have been trying to get Amazon to price match my books for the last several months. I don’t know why it took so long. I could probably go into a whole conspiracy theory about how Amazon hates me but that would make me sound like a nutjob so I’ll save that for the voices in my head. Anyway, I thought about how I would tell the world once my books were free and two very distinct ways showed themselves to me. So there they are. I dub them reruns and infomercials.


And que barking…

“What’s that lassie?” Bark, bark, bark. “No, not the part about Timmy in the well. That other part.” Bark, Bark. “Really?! Brimstone and Darkened are FREE?! Wow! That’s really swell. I’m going to have to get home so I can download them to my Kindle.” Bark, bark. “Sorry fella, you’re gonna have to find someone who cares about Timmy. I’ve got books to read.”

Okay. So that’s my weird rendition of Lassie. Here’s the infomercial.

“That’s right folks. For a limited time you can get Brimstone for one easy payment of nothing. You heard it. Only zero dollars and you can own this amazing Kindle book. But wait, that’s not all. For a limited time (not really) you can also get Darkened as a bonus. Just pay no separate shipping and handling and you could own this ebook as well. That’s right! Two books for only zero dollars and zero cents. So act now to get not one but two fantastic books for FREE. Act now, supplies are limited (not really).”

Okay, so I’ve watched too much daytime television. I blame it on my kids. The TV was never on during the day until they came around.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! What are you still reading my post for? You should be out downloading Darkened and Brimstone!

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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.