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With the upcoming release of Craven on Tuesday I decided to do a sort of Bio of Craven for those that aren’t too familiar with him as a character. I realized as I was reading through the book yesterday that Craven is a bit of an enigma and his book doesn’t really cover much of his background. So last night I sat down with the man himself and conducted an interview.


Before I get to the interview I want go over his specs. He’s about five-eight with a swimmers build. He has dark hair and hazel eyes and his smile typically looks more like a smirk.  He talks with a British accent but throws in the occasional French word and is definitely someone you would want having your back in a fight.



Me: Thank you for joining me tonight, Craven. I know you have a lot going on right now.

Craven: Oh, indeed I do. Chasing a smart-mouthed Nymph is no easy task, I’ll tell you.

Me: I’m sure it’s not. So, the point of this interview is to give the readers a little insight into your past and the person you are. Could you start by telling us where you were born?

Craven: Ah, so it’s to be one of those interviews then. As long as you’re not wanting me to talk about my feelings I think we can accomplish this. I was born in England. A small village just outside of Cheshire. Of course this was about 400 By the Gods Time. We didn’t really keep exact dates back then so I don’t recall the precise year but I believe that’s close enough.

(By the Gods Time is how dates are calculated on Craven’s dimension. It’s similar to our B.C/A.D only on a different scale. Their dimension tends to run slower than ours so 400 BtGT would equate to about 1200 A.D our time.)

Me: Alright. And How did you get from England to France?

Craven: That is a bit of history I would prefer to skim over. My parents were killed when I was a young man and I fled my home. I traveled around a bit before I happened to meet another Vampire with a similar past and we began our journey together. One that would lead us back to his home in France.

Me: Let me guess. Dorian Black.

Craven: (He smiles fondly.)The one and only. I’m sure you already know how that turned out.

Me: Why didn’t you stay? Dorian would have given you a home and a title. Heck, he would have kept you in charge of his army so you would have always had a fight if that’s what you wanted. Why not just stick around?

Craven: Not my cup of tea, love. Dorian had an entire species of people to rule he had more than enough followers to help him rule it. Not to mention Isabella. I prefer the freedom of the open road and my feet upon it.

Me: Really? How did that work out for you?

Craven: If I wanted to listen to criticism, I would return to Benevento.

Me: (trying not to laugh) Okay. I’m sorry. One thing your story doesn’t cover is what your last name is. Or, is Craven your last name?

Craven: Ah. That would be a question I will not fully answer. I will tell you that Craven is my first name. But as far as my surname, I have not used it since leaving my family home long ago.

Me: So you won’t use your family name?

Craven: (smiling sadly) I have no family, love. I’m sure no one cares if I use that old name or not.

Me: Fair enough. Can you give us any insight into your book that’s about to come out.

Craven: You mean besides the fact that it’s bloody brilliant? I’m afraid the readers will just have to see for themselves. I will say I am surprised by the events and how they come about but that is all.

Me: And you won’t go any further into your past with us?

Craven: No love. The interesting parts are covered in the book. I have been following a Witch for the last several hundred years and before that wasn’t that entertaining.

Me: You’re kidding, right?

Craven: I’m afraid not. I believe that’s enough for now.

With that he got up and left. That’s Craven for you. Anyway, the book will be out Tuesday and I will be adding Ange Noir as a bonus for those who haven’t already read it. Enjoy your Saturday everyone! I know I plan to. (Catching up on Dominion episodes on SyFy.)

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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.