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Creatures are plaguing Atlanta, killing the magical beings and stealing their magic. When a wizard is killed in front of Logan Callaghan, a centuries-old Fey warrior, a war begins. A Witch from another plane will be the key to figuring out where these creatures come from and how to stop them. Add, in a few Fallen Angels and you have a battle unlike any before on this earth.

Damned talk.

Hey all! I hope your Halloween was awesome. I realize I didn’t post about the topics I was going to talk about last week. With the computer fiasco, I forgot. So, I figure my brain’s been active for over a half hour and we’re going out of town in a little while now it the time to do it. Why put off until tomorrow and all that jazz.

The first topic I want to discuss is Time. No, I’m not referring to falling back an hour. That’s the weatherman’s job. I’m talking about time between dimensions. I’m going to pull a quote from a Demon in Damned that I think explains it pretty well. Of course this Demon doesn’t come into the story until later on so I wanted to give you a heads up.

“That is the thing with dimensions. They never run at the same pace. Why, I’ve left the Human realm, come home for a holiday, and returned only to have an hour pass while I was away. The opposite is said of the Kingdom. Anytime you send a message to there you might as well plan on waiting because it will be a while. A long while. I suppose it makes sense that time should move slower here and faster there. What’s that old saying about time flying while you’re having fun? I would imagine life in the Kingdom is much more fun than in Hell.” ∼Unnamed Demon

That’s the long and short of it. Compared to the Human realm, the Kingdom moves slower (That was touched on in Deceived) and Hell moves faster.  So in Hell, years can pass and only days passed in the Human realm. Of course the ratio does depend on how close the dimension are at the time. I’m sure there’s a scientific theory floating around somewhere about this.

The next topic I want to bring up is Avery and her emotions. This book is way different than any other in the series because Avery isn’t in her comfort zone known as Atlanta. Normally, she would laugh and joke about almost anything but there comes a point in this book where she is almost unrecognizable, personality speaking, but it’s because she is doing what she has to. I won’t go into anymore detail about that. Some people might mind this book lacking in comic relief compared to the others, but it’s hard to joke when you’re living your own personal Hell. Now, I’m not saying there aren’t any funny parts (the Cyclops is my fav). Just that Avery comes off as a total hard-ass a couple of times in this book. The first time it’s to gain freedom, while the second is to protect her heart. I hope I did a good enough job when writing the book to make that clear.

Those were the two topics I wanted to talk about.  I think the reason I took the time to explain this is that I’m more nervous about this book than any other I’ve written. It’s probably because when I released Deadened and Deceived, no one knew who Avery Tywella was. Now, I have people contacting me regularly letting me know they like the series, and like I said, this book strays from the norm of the series. Which, I’m not saying that’s not a good thing. It is. As a reader, I want the main character to grow and evolve during the series, but as a writer, I’ll admit it scares the ever-lovin’ bejeezers outta me.

Thanks for listening to my rambling. Have a wonderful and safe weekend!!

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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.