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Darkened. The first book in a new series coming soon.

I wanted to tell you about Darkened, the first book in a new series called the Avery Tywella Series. Avery was introduced in book one of the Forged by Magic Trilogy but this is a completely different series. There are a couple of other characters who will have a place in Avery’s books that played a minor role in Genivieve’s. The series takes place in the same dimension as the Forged books but has nothing to do with the Fey or Elves and instead focuses more on Angels (both Fallen and not) and Demon. It takes place in the Atlanta area where Avery, a half Demon, is a homicide detective for the Human Right’s task force.  She was given a knife similar to Genivieve’s only her’s was left for her by her mother. Although these series have some similarities they are completely self sustaining and therefore you don’t have to read one in order to understand and enjoy the other. Anyway her story has been hounding me to the point that I started her book a couple of months early. I’m still on schedule with the last of the Forged trilogy too but I thought I would post the first chapter of Avery’s story just to give y’all a sneak peak. Take into consideration that it hasn’t been through final editing. So anyway here it is.

An Avery Tywella Story
S. L. Gavyn


“Gallion, from the info I have he’s one of Rallizon’s horde,” I said.
“Do you have a description or anything, Angel?” Craven asked.
“Yeah,” I pulled out the pic I carried in my back pocket and looked at it. “He’s got dark hair and eyes. Looks to be about six one with a lean build. I know that’s not a lot but the only pic I have of him is a surveillance photo and it’s kind of grainy.”
I heard him sigh into the phone.
“I will keep my ears open but I wouldn’t hold my breath for any results with the minimal information you’ve provided.”
“That’s about what I expected but figured I’d give you the specs just in case.”
“In case what? He walks into my shop wanting a tattoo?”
“Or one of your other services.”
“I see. I will let you know if that happens, Angel.”
“I appreciate it, Craven.”
I hung up and continued down Peachtree. As I passed the various clubs, bars and restaurants, I couldn’t help but wonder how I was ever going to find this guy. It was like a needle in a hay stack and all I had was a crappy surveillance photo. I had just turned onto Paces ferry when I passed what looked like a drug deal in progress. Not my division. If Human’s want to kill themselves that’s their business. I have enough to take care of by chasing the Others that were killing them. Drugs were not my prob.
I had just walked pass them when I realized that one guy matched the description of my perp. No, surely it couldn’t be that easy. I turned around and took a better look at him. Same dark features and about the right height. I walked up to them like I was interested in what they had to offer. I looked typical enough. Twenty something chick with auburn colored hair and hazel eyes wearing a dark colored shirt, hoodie and blue jeans with black boots. It was too dark for him to get a good look at my eyes.
“Ya got anything good, brotha?” I asked the possible Demon while looking around like I was watching for the cops.
“Whatcha looking for baby? I might be willin’ ta work out a deal,” he said with a leer.
I smiled at him and reached out and ran my hand down his arm like I was interested. But in actuality I was feeling him. One touch, skin to skin, and I could usually tell what species they were. Especially, the common ones like Demon. I smiled again only this time because I had found my perp. This night had just started to look up.
“Gallion of Rallizon. You have been found guilty of killing a Human…”
That’s all I got before he was gone and the chase began. He ran back up Paces Ferry and took a left onto Roswell. I pulled out my cell and hit the number one.
“Yo, Senorita. What’re you up to tonight?” Kansas asked.
“I’m chasing Gallion down Roswell. Per protocol, I need backup.”
“’Kay. I’m in the alley running behind Dallas right now. I’ll cut up to Roswell.”
“Then we’re heading your way.”
The Demon took a sharp left and managed to slide past the bouncer outside of Halo who was arguing with some obviously underage chick. I tried to follow the Demon inside but, of course, the bouncer saw me and stopped me.
“Kansas, stay in the alley and head for Halo. Perp just entered the club. I’m following.”
“Ten four, Ave.”
I hung up the phone and pulled out my badge for the bouncer.
“Avery Tywella. Human Right’s task force. I’m chasing a suspect into the club. Stand aside.”
The bouncer eyed my badge for a moment then looked at me. Then back to my badge.
“Come the freak on. Do you need a fucking blood sample to verify DNA? Get out of the damned way!”
He raised a brow and then stepped aside. Good idea. I’d hate to have to hurt him in order to catch my perp. I entered the club to find that I couldn’t see any one particular person other than the band that played on the stage. Everyone else was so packed together that you couldn’t pick out one over all the others. It wasn’t surprising. Halo is, by far, the most popular club in town. Mostly due to the band that was currently playing.

To the right of the main dance floor was a raised area with the bar and beyond that tables ran along the entire side of the interior until you get to the back where the VIP section is. I headed for the raised section so that I would be able to see over the entire dance floor. My cell rang.
“Avery,” I said as a greeting.
“Ave, you find your perp yet?” Davis asked.
“Not yet. I chased him into Halo but got hung up by the bouncer. I’m casing the joint now.”
“I’m out front. I’ll hang here in case he tries to double back on ya.”
“Roger that. Ave out.”
I hung up. Kansas and Davis were partners that worked for the task force. Actually, everyone on the task force had a partner except me. I don’t work well with others so my boss agreed to make an exception as long as I called for backup if I was actively in pursuit of a perp.
I started through the table area while simultaneously watching the dance floor and the darker areas along the back wall where the booths were. If I didn’t find him on my initial walk through, I’d go have a seat at the bar and wait him out. My best friend happens to be one of the bartenders on duty tonight so I know she’ll help me keep an eye out.
Suddenly, it felt like I was being watched. I stopped and looked behind me first but there was no one so I scanned the dance floor. When I didn’t see anyone looking my way I scanned the stage since it was directly across the club from me.
The lead sing was belting out some hard rock song I had never heard before and he was looking directly at me. I looked behind me again to see if there was someone else he could be looking at but, again, there was no one. I shrugged it off. Since, as I said, I was directly across from the stage I assumed he regularly looked there so he didn’t have to watch the people bumping and grinding to his song on the dance floor. It wasn’t really the type of song I would think people would bump and grind to but apparently some people will bump and grind to anything.
I continued on with my sweep of the club but didn’t see him anywhere. The most likely place would be that he’s hiding out in the men’s room but I’ll be damned if I’m going that route unless I absolutely have to. No, I’ll have a comfy seat at the bar which just happens to be across from the restrooms. That way I could keep an eye on them and the front entrance at the same time. If he tries to pull a fast one, he will have another thing coming.
As I sat down on the bar stool, I saw that Temmy was serving a drink to guy at the other end. So I waited until she turned around and spotted me.
“Oh my Gods, Avy. I’ve been trying to get you to come to this club for the last six months and you pick a night that I’m working to decide to come?”
“I’m working too, Temmy. A wanted Demon ran in and I’m in pursuit.”
“Well, let me fix you a drink while you persue.”
She went about mixing up a drink while I continued to watch everyone. Temmy’s real name is Temperance Desire Lovely and she absolutely hates it. Hence the nickname. She and I have been friends since we were twelve. I was raised by my maternal grandmother and she raised herself. At least until we met. Then my grandmother raised her too. See, Temmy is one of probably a thousand demigod children Bacchus, the god of grapes and spirit, has fathered. Needless to say, she has never met her dad and her mom was just as absent. Cinnamon Lovely, or Cindy to her friends, was a showgirl in Vegas when she met Temmy’s dad. Last we heard from her she was married to some rich guy in south Florida. Good riddance to her. She should have given Temmy up for adoption as soon as she was born but I think Cindy hoped Bacchus would return and she wanted to hold on to her meal ticket.
“There you go, Avy. I call it a Temmy special.”
I raised a brow. “I did say that I was working didn’t I. This isn’t going to knock me on my ass with one drink is it?”
“Lords no. I like my drinks fru fru. Taste it, you’ll like it.”
I took an experimental taste. It did taste good but I would take it easy. Just because it tasted good didn’t mean it wouldn’t get me shitfaced. I needed to stay on top of my game for when I found my Demon.
I felt eyes on me again so as I scanned the crowd. I looked at the stage and found the lead singer was looking at me again. That’s strange. I wonder what his deal is. Maybe it’s just a coincidence.
“He is totally hot. I have been trying to get in his pants since I started working here. Mmm mm. The fun I could have with him.”
“I thought you were dating Mr. Self Absorbed. What happened to that?”
“Oh, I’m still dating him but a girl can dream can’t she. And if that sexy singer decided to make those dreams a reality, I wouldn’t say no.” She waggled her brows.
When it came to men Temmy was like her dad was with women. She never kept one man for more than a couple of months and always had a wandering eye no matter if she was in a relationship or not.
“Tell me you don’t think he is fine,” she challenged.
I looked back at him and he was still looking at me. Then he smiled and I turned back to Temmy.
“He’s not too bad looking,” I said.
“Not too bad…are you crazy? That right there is one fine ass mofo. If I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’.”
“Didn’t that saying go out in the eighties?”
“Some things life on forever. Kind of like you and me.” She winked.
As a demigoddess she was mostly immortal and with my half Demon ancestry it was likely that I was too.
I continued to scan for my perp. If he didn’t show himself soon, I was going to have to invade the men’s room and I really didn’t want to have to do that. Walking into a bathroom with a dozen or so drunk men was not something I wanted to do.

“You know, it looks like he’s watching us.”
“Who?” I looked around.
“Mr. Sexy on the stage. That’s who.”
“Oh. I don’t have time to play groupie. I’ve got to find this Demon.” I sighed. “I guess I’m going to go check out the restrooms. See ya, Temmy.”
“Wait. That’s it? You just waltz in here and hang out for five minutes then leave? That’s wrong.”
“We’re both working. I gotta find this guy. I promise I will go out with you soon. Okay?”
“Next Saturday. I’m off and you should be off to. Right?”
“Uh, yeah. I’m supposed to be off. Okay, next Saturday. We can hang out at my place. I’ll buy the pizza.”
“Oh no you don’t. We will come to this club, get drunk and flirt with guys.”
I rolled my eyes. “Fine. Call me tomorrow.”
“Alright, Avy. Have fun killing your Demon.”

I used the stool to push myself up so I could lean over the bar and give her a brief hug before I left. I walked toward the hall that the restrooms were on and had no more entered the corridor when the men’s room door opened and my friend the Demon poked his head out. He saw me and immediately went back into the restroom and tried to shut the door. I stuck my boot in the way and pried the door open. He tried to stab me with a short knife. Well, two could play at that. I pulled my katana from the back sheath my hoodie covered and stabbed him through the shoulder. The wound wouldn’t kill him but my blade went all the way through and into the door behind him. That would keep him in place while I pulled the stiletto from my hip sheath. The weapon was made from the same thing the Hell dimension was made of. My maternal grandmother had given it to me upon my sixteenth birthday and said that my mother had wanted me to have it. There was also an ancient ritual written on a piece of paper that came with it. I don’t know what my mom, a White Witch, would be doing with a knife that killed Demon and bound them to their native dimension but I took it, memorized the ritual and have been killing Demon with it ever since.
“Gallion, Demon of Rallizon, you have been found guilty of killing a Human woman by siphoning her soul. The sentence is death.”
“Please, have mercy. I only did what my master commanded.”
“It matters not. Justice will be served.”
I stabbed the Demon in the chest where the heart should be, said the ritual and he disappeared. Even though Demon do not actually have hearts, the center of the sternum is were the magic, that is holding them to this dimension, congregates. So stabbing them with a piece of their homeland and saying the ritual binds them to that dimension for the rest of eternity.

I pulled my katana out of the door and grabbed a napkin to wipe the Demon blood off before I returned it to it’s sheath. I was about to slide it back in when a guy walked in. He stopped in his tracks and eyed my sword. I slid it into the sheath and fixed my hoodie so that it hid it again. I started toward the door.
“I like your sword. You wanna see mine?” the drunk guy asked.
“If that is a euphemism for your dick, I would have to reply with ‘mine’s bigger’. So don’t bother because if you whip it out, I will cut it off.”
He smiled. Great a drunk guy that was too stupid to take my warning.
“Aw, come on baby. You’ll like it once you see it.”
I pushed him out of my way and left the restroom. There was no point arguing with the guy. He just didn’t care.
I notified Davis and Kansas that I had dispatched the perp and left the club. As I started toward the front entrance I felt the lead singer watching me. Whatever. I was done for the day. Time to head home and have some Ben and Jerry’s as my reward for getting that guy off the streets.

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