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Creatures are plaguing Atlanta, killing the magical beings and stealing their magic. When a wizard is killed in front of Logan Callaghan, a centuries-old Fey warrior, a war begins. A Witch from another plane will be the key to figuring out where these creatures come from and how to stop them. Add, in a few Fallen Angels and you have a battle unlike any before on this earth.


Deadened is live on Amazon!!

Oh yeah! That’s right! Deadened is live. I’m so happy to get this book out early because I’m already about a third of the way through writing Deceived, which is book three of the series. It’s going so fast I can’t believe it. I think it’s the fact that I absolutely love this story so I get kind of taken away with it. Anyway, here’s the description from Amazon.

Demon are descending on Atlanta, attacking women for no apparent reason. It’s up to Avery to find out why but the answer hits a little closer to home than she would like. She’s forced to join with the Fallen once more to find a way to not only stop the Demon attacks on the people of Atlanta but to help protect herself. Only, Luke demands she finds the truth about herself and why she was lied to for so many years while Jared falls deeper into oblivion. When the Demon king himself comes calling she finds out that some prices are worth the misery that accompany them and some aren’t.

Contains bonus content. A preview of Deceived, book three in the Avery Tywella Series. Also contains an excerpt from Fable City, book one in the Fabled Series.

This is book two of the Avery Tywella Series. Book one, Darkened, is currently available.

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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.