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Discounts and the quote of the day.

I wanted to let you know about a couple of discounts I’ve given to my books. The first is that Iron Made and Dragon’s Flame are both now only .99 on all venues. Brimstone is currently available for free everywhere but Amazon. I don’t know what the deal is but I put Brimstone for free over two months ago and Amazon still hasn’t price matched it. That’s with several people reporting the lower price. Anyway, hopefully one day they’ll get with the program and it’ll be free there too. Also, I have now made Darkened, the first book in the Avery Tywella Series, free. Again, it’s free everywhere but Amazon. I’ll keep you posted and as soon as they’re free on Amazon we’ll party like it’s 1999.

On to the Quote. When I started writing this I had absolutely no idea what quote I was going to throw down so I started thinking about different things in different books that made me laugh. Of course there are a couple I don’t want to post because they would give too much away but there are plenty that are just funny. This one is from Iron Made and what I thought was so funny about it is the entire book there are these Scots who are talking like Scots. I tried to keep the brogue to a minimum throughout the books but still added some in so the reader was constantly reminded they talked like that. Well, this quote is from a conversation Vieve and Rayn are having. Since this post isn’t too long I thought I’d put most of the conversation in it.

“You did tell him that you weren’t turning me over. Right?” I asked.
“Aye, Ah think the correct wording was ‘ye can go fuck yerself ‘cause it will be a cold day in Hell before ye get yer hands on her’. Did that seem clear enough for ye?”
“Yeah, I think even he could have understood that. Accent and all.”
“What accent?”
I laughed. “Ah doona know.” I butchered a Scottish brogue.
“Ah knew ye should of been born Scottish.”
“Yeah, I probably would have been kicked out as soon as I started talking.”
“Ah would have never allowed that, Petal,” he said as he looked me over. There was fire in his eyes.

Oh, a quick update on my new book (I really need to think on a name so I can stop calling it “the new book”). I didn’t get as much time to write on it over the weekend and then my worse nightmare happened Monday. So here I was writing like my fingers were on fire and the only way to put out the flames was to type faster. I wrote a chapter and started the next before I had to put it away to feed supper to my kids. Yes, I saved before closing it out. Twice, like always. So I open it up yesterday and there’s an error from Microsoft saying there was an update to the server and my last saved changes were gone. I try to look on the bright side in situations like these and they could have lost the whole document instead of three or four thousand words. So my goal for today, other than get my youngest signed up for Pre-K is to re-write that part of the book and at least add some to it. Right now I’m at 32,000 words without what I had already written. I’ll keep you posted on a release date for it.

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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.