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The Fabled








A vision of their destruction from the strongest oracle to ever have lived forced them to become the Fabled. An immortality elixir given without concern caused her to lose the love of her life. Now Sunny Dubois has become an agent of the Council of Elders enforcing their laws and keeping their secret. Bodies of vampere have been showing up in Dallas and Sunny is called in to find out who killed them. She figures out quickly that these are no ordinary deaths. Someone is targeting new vamps and there is only one similarity. A club called Eternal Darkness. The only problem for Sunny is that this club is owned by a vampere she knew long ago. One she has never forgotten and never will. Roman Alexander has wandered this world far longer than he would care to remember. He was used to getting what he wanted either by coercion or force but there was one thing he wanted and couldn’t have. The woman who stole his heart and crushed it.



“You will fall in love soon.”
I lifted a brow at him. “Let me guess, I’ll come into a large sum of money too.”
His smile didn’t falter. “I don’t know about your finances, but I do know he is powerful, the most powerful in this city—a god among men, if you will.”

Raised by strangers in rural Oklahoma, Zade Wilson would do anything to escape her mundane life, or so she thought. When her wish causes an accident on the highway, she is brought face to face with opportunity and doesn’t let it get away from her.
Now, in a new city with millions of strange, new people, she is still trying to find out where she belongs. It doesn’t take long for her to figure out there is something different about the residents in Fable City and that she is more like them than she ever could have imagined. But something sinister is happening to the inhabitants of her new home, and she finds herself in desperate need to learn what kind of Fabled she is and how to use her abilities. Lucky for her, there happens to be a God who wouldn’t mind helping her out.
Together they must find who is taking the Fabled and stop them, but things are not always what they seem in Fable City.


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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.