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The Fallen-Fey Chronicles

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The Darkness: Book One of the Fallen–Fey Chronicles

The Fey have only one enemy they cannot conquer—time. Time can crumble cities and cause the most vital memories to become nothing more than wisps of dreams passed. For Logan Callanach time wasn’t his only foe. Searching for an elusive fairytale, his ramblings brought him to Savannah, Ga. Being a long way from home was the least of his problems, though, as a man is killed in front of him by a being Logan had never even heard of. That only began what would be the worst and best day of his very long life.

Riya Grayson had hoped she wouldn’t live to see this day. She had trained her whole life to fight the Darkness in the event they came to her new world, but her only family was dead, and she would now be forced to face the Darkness alone—or so she thought. Her journey to fight a being that has plagued her nightmares since childhood would side her with a group of men she knew only from stories, and it would seem she would need to embrace their assistance to defeat the Darkness before this world, too, was also lost.


The Cursed: Book Two of the Fallen-Fey Chronicles

The Cursed: Book Two of the Fallen–Fey Chronicles

For all magic there is a price, and that price is especially steep for dark magic curses. Luke has spent the last three hundred years paying for his mistake, his curse made sure of that. He made his peace by helping to police Atlanta with his Fallen comrades. Now he has come face-to-face with the cost of his curse, and he would do anything to have it removed.
Kit knew a lot of things thanks to her visions. For hundreds of years, though, she had been in the dark, unknowing of why she was cursed to die a gruesome death on her twenty-seventh birthday, only to be reborn and the cycle to start anew. It wasn’t until her current life brought her to this plane that she could finally see why. She knew Luke was the reason and that he was the answer, only with him could her curse be removed. Well, him and a descendant of the Witch that cursed him.
Now, the only thing standing in their way is the inability to find the Witch and the few hundred Darkness trying to steal her magic. Time is their enemy as Kit’s birthday looms ever nearer, and the Darkness close in on the Witch they need.


The Light: Book Three of the Fallen-Fey Chronicles

The Light: Book Three of the Fallen–Fey Chronicles

The Darkness are plaguing the globe, and some Others are going to drastic measures to protect themselves—even going so far as to steal powerful children.
There’s nowhere to run for Sephone and Ella. The Darkness are everywhere, and without Ella’s magic bound, she is like a beacon for the creatures. Sephone isn’t about to turn to the Fallen and Fey for help again. They only managed to make matters worse. But when Ella is stolen in the middle of the night, Sephone’s prayer to the Goddess is answered in the form of a Fey.

Adair feels an odd sense of responsibility for the Witch and her child after everything that has happened. If she would have stuck around long enough, her daughter’s magic would have been bound days ago. Instead, he was forced to chase them across Europe in a feeble attempt to protect them. When he finally catches up to them, he realizes his protection has come too late.

Now, with the help of the Fallen and Fey, as well as a little help from the enemy, they must find Ella before it’s too late.



The Fallen–Fey Chronicles: Books 1-3

The Fallen–Fey Chronicles: Books 1-3 Box Set

The Darkness have descended on their world and it will take the strongest warriors on the planet to defeat them. Lucky for the Fallen and Fey there are some Witches around to keep them straight. This is an omnibus of the first three novellas in The Fallen-Fey Chronicles, together in one convenient volume.


The Broken: Book Four of the Fallen–Fey Chronicles

The Broken: Book Four of the Fallen-Fey Chronicles

Kenzie Willowbrook didn’t ask to be infused with a massive dose of dark magic. She didn’t ask to be thrown into the well beneath the fountain that her coven used to store excess magic. And she certainly didn’t ask to be held prisoner by the Fallen and the Fey. 
With her freedom finally in her grasp, Kenzie has worked to lead as normal of a life as possible. But with the Darkness constantly attacking and the dark magic inside her blocking her own magic’s ability to replenish itself naturally, she is forced to take from Others while staying under the radar. The arrival of a man threatening to end her precious life starts a cataclysmic chain of events that will make her realize that the only way she will gain the life she wants is to fight for it. Unfortunately, a certain Fallen has his own plans for her. Kenzie isn’t sure which is worse, the man who wants to kill her or the Fallen who wants the same.

Hash hates Witches. He has his reasons, and they are solid ones, but when Luke asks him to retrieve the Witch who had escaped their home and refuses to allow Hash to kill her, he knows that bringing her back to their encampment is going to be a nightmare. She had left a wake of bodies behind at her former place of employment, but Luke still thought there was a chance that the Witch hadn’t given in to the dark magic. Hash knows better. He knows that on the slim chance she hadn’t already given in, it is only a matter of time before she does.
Even worse than not being able to kill his captive, Hash is forced to go from kidnapper to protector with the placing of a spell that links them together. With their lives bound, they must find a way to fight off the men that are after her while protecting themselves against the Darkness trying to end all magical beings on the planet.

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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.