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Forged by Magic Trilogy


Genivieve Belaveau has lived in this dimension for almost five hundred years. Mistreated for centuries, first, by the Troll that brought her here then by the Elve King who claimed to love her. She finally managed escape over three hundred years ago and never looked back. Working for Prima, an organization created to help right wrongs, she thought she was on the right side only to be manipulated by the leader of the company into stealing an ancient knife belonging to the one species on the planet that she had been avoiding at all costs…the Fey. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the Fey. Oh, she liked one particular Fey a little too much. It was her fear of those feelings that has had her keeping her distance. Because he was not just any Fey but their Dragon bound Prince who wants to claim her as his mate.
With her friend’s life on the line she must travel to Scotland, seduce a Prince, and try to steal one of his people’s relics. Only, nothing goes as planned. Her over-bearing brother in law, the Vampire King, sends an escort aiming to not only protect her but date her as well. She finds the Prince still has the same hold on her as before and that stealing from him is a lot harder than imagined. Things go horribly awry in the back alley of a Glasgow street and now she has another friend in need of her protection.
How will she juggle the lives of her friends while evading the one man her body craves like no other? Not to mention surviving the mission while being attacked at every corner. At least she has Brimstone to send those Demon back to Hell where they belong.



After nearly dying at the hands of one she trusted, Genivieve Belaveau is stuck at Bevalon Castle. Trying to avoid the one Fey she has never been able to deny while helping the women who have suffered for centuries. Will she manage an escape and if she does, will she want to? This is book two of the Forged by Magic Trilogy in which Vieve will be forced to accept not only what she is but what she will become.


Being held prisoner by a man who claims to be her husband. Genivieve Belaveau doesn’t remember who she is. With her magic bound she is unable to protect herself from this madman. Her only chance is escape and the opportunity presents itself in the most unlikely way.
Now on the run, she is determined to live her life in secrecy and become a person she could be proud of since she has no personal memories to know who she once was. She makes her way to Atlanta and attempts to lead a normal life. But without proper documentation though, it’s hard to find a legit job.
Following the advise of local S and M club owner, Leo, Genivieve heads for a tattoo shop and the owner named Craven in an attempt to obtain identification. She was surprised when the owner practically attacks her for being someone she isn’t. Little did she know that her trip to that tattoo shop would spark a whole chain of events that would bring about the next Fey-Elven war.
Will Genivieve be able to step into the role she was meant to play in order to, not only, finally find the revenge she has wanted for centuries but to find the life she never knew she wanted.


After escaping the Elve King, Genivieve needs to find Vampire Dorian Black in an attempt to save her sister and only friend, Isabella. Only Dorian refuses to help her sister until she does a favor for him. Genivieve is forced to play victim to another King in an attempt to save her sister’s life.

Once Isabella is safe Genivieve can finally take the vacation she has long been waiting for, only that doesn’t go exactly as planned as she finds an injured Prince floating down the river and a passion ignites like she has never dreamed.

This is a companion novel to the Forged by Magic Trilogy. It is recommended to read book one of the series before this novella as it explains Genivieve’s past prior to these events. For the fans of the Forged by Magic Trilogy, this book tells the tale of how Genivieve managed to help her sister become what she is today and the events surrounding her first encounter with Rayn.

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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.