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Happy Easter! Fable City Prologue

Okay, so this week was spring break and I was a total slacker. I played with my kids and watched the first two seasons of Once Upon a Time. I have to say that even though I love Fantasy I’m not a big Snow White fan. Sure I liked the story as a kid but as an adult, not so much. But OUT (that’s my acronym for the show. It’s just too much to type) really reeled me in. Of course I did it backwards. I started watching OUT in Wonderland back before Christmas and once I finished it I decided I would watch OUT. I didn’t realize at the time that OUT in Wonderland was a spin off of the original. Anyway, they’re both watched now and I’m a mile behind on my work.

Talking about work. So, I was laying in bed this morning and, you know that state where your conscious mind is awake but your body is still asleep, it hit me. I needed to add a prologue to the beginning of Fable City. Originally I had planned to tell the background of the Fabled to Zade as she learned about her heritage but I think the story is more interesting knowing up front that this is about more than just Zade and her journey. It’s about an entire group of races and their fight for life. So, I dragged my tired body out of bed at six a.m. on a Saturday to write the prologue for the book. Here it is. This takes place almost fifteen hundred years before the actual book and lets you know how the Fabled came to be.

Quick update too. I’m finished with the first draft of my Contemporary Romance. I’m going to start editing it this coming week and I’ll try to get an excerpt out for y’all. I’m going to be dividing my time between that and finishing Fable City. My goal is to have it out in May. I’ll keep you posted.


Egypt 800 A. D.

“And so it is said. So it shall be.”
“Halt Aerystasia. You speak of our destruction. How can we possibly reverse this future?”
“I speak of warning. That is my gift. Some might be changed while other fates are inevitable. This, I believe, might be altered.”
“How? You say we will be destroyed by the humans. You say they will possess weapons capable of annihilating us but say this future can be changed. Do you suggest we kill them before they have opportunity to obtain such weapons?”
“No Augustus. That is not of which I speak. The humans are too precious to our kinds.”
“We must shield ourselves then. But we live secretly as is. How can we shield ourselves further?”
Aerystasia smiled at the council. “I do not believe staying adumbrate is appropriate. Perhaps announcing our presence is key.”
“You must have the fevers! Announcing ourselves to the humans will only bring our destruction faster,” Lucian, the head of the council of elders protested.
“You misunderstand. I believe you are right. The humans consider us monsters and if we were to confirm our existence then much bloodshed will pursue. But, if we were to spread stories with false details about the monsters the humans believe us to be, they will one day become common tales told among them young and old.”
“You speak of fables. Ones depicting our kinds as the terror in the night. How will that make them want to kill us less?” Augustus asked.
As second in command of the council he was always trying to show his leadership while Lucian sat back, observed and came to far better conclusions.
“These fables will one day become common knowledge. Were they to have details untrue to our kinds…”
“The humans would not be able to spot a true lycan or vamprene or any other of our kinds,” Lucian finished.
Aerystasia smiled and nodded slightly. “Might I suggest sending fable tellers to all the continents? Even the one undiscovered yet. The natives there do love their stories.”
“Hiding in plain sight. Will this be enough to change your vision?” Augustus asked.
“I cannot be certain but I believe so. I will inform you if I have another vision concerning this,” Aerystasia told the council before bowing and leaving the room.

After she left Lucian turned to the other four members of the council. Each member represented one of the major species, other than humans, that inhabit this planet.
“How can we be assured this is fact?” Augustus asked once she was gone.
“Arystasia is the most powerful oracle in the world. Since her birth over a millennium ago no one has come close to her accuracy. If she says this will come to pass, it will come. Unless we stop it,” Lucian said.
“Aye, she is powerful indeed,” the Bruce added.
Lucian nodded then looked at Augustus to see if he would argue further. When he stilled his mouth Lucian turned to the rest of the members.
“Council, now is the time to act. I think it would be prudent if each member of the council determine the false characteristics of your people. I will send for the best storytellers to speak these fables across the globe. We will spread the tales and we will join together to protect ourselves against this future threat.”
There were a round of nods and everyone started to disperse. Lucian turned to the open balcony doors and looked out into the night beyond. With any luck these tales would be enough to deter their future enemy. Aerystasia was right, they couldn’t kill all humans. Not only were they needed but if they killed the humans that would make them no better. No, they would spread these fables until the humans no longer suspected the real thing actually existed. Their people would no longer be separate species coinciding in secrecy against the humans but would unite as one. They would become the Fabled, those of myth, those of legend.

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