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Prologue for The Necromancer’s Wife

Hey all! I wanted to share the Prologue for The Necromancer’s Wife with you today, but I also wanted to take a minute to talk about prologues. There has been some debate on whether or not to use prologues in books and I will agree there have been times when I read a prologue and thought “Why wasn’t that just chapter one?” Usually, the point of a prologue is to set up the story by giving you background information in a summarized form. Or, it could be the hook that reels you into the story but doesn’t actually happen with the other events of the book. Another way a prologue could be  used is by giving you the point of view of a character who is integral to the story without being the main character.  I think my prologue falls under both of the last two categories. It is a hook by letting you know who the quintessential bad guy is by giving you his point of view and letting you, the reader, know the how and why of what follows in the book. I had originally planned on skipping a prologue and just separating chapter one into two parts, but the rest of the book is written in first person while this one part is in third person so it made no sense, and I try to make sense as often as possible. (don’t laugh)

Anyway, enough blabbering on that subject.  I regret to say, I am pushing back the release for The Necromancer’s Wife to October 14th. A couple of things have come up that I needed to work on and, of course, took three times as long as I had planned. I am hoping to get it available for pre-order by the beginning of October. I will be sure to let you know when that happens. As soon as the book is off to proofreading, I am starting on Damned and will, hopefully, not be too far behind on releasing it.  Again, I’ll keep ya posted.

One thing on the subject of Damned. Some time over the next week or two, I am going to start a contest called Create a Creature for Damned (or, something very similar to that). To enter you can submit your idea for a creature you’d like to see in the next book, including naming it. Since Avery will be visiting Hell (to quote River Song from Dr. Who, “Spoilers”) and we all know there are all sorts of beings trapped there, the sky is the limit. The winner of the contest will not only have their creature be a character in the book, but their name will be added to the acknowledgements, and they will win a signed copy of the book. So keep an eye out for details coming soon.

Now, on to the prologue. Enjoy! Hope your Friday and Weekend are amazing!!


Necromancer [nek-ruh-man-ser] A Witch or Wizard magically capable of retaining their ability after being turned Vampire, giving them the power to manipulate the Blood magic, of which they are made, to reanimate the dead.




Lying flat to the ground he slowly crawled to the edge of the hillside overlooking the valley below and the village contained within. It was the only civilization within a day’s ride, and he knew it was no accident it was so secluded. He would live secluded too. Once his plans were completed, none other would dare touch what was his. Unfortunately for the villagers below, he needed what they had, and he would stop at nothing until he had it.


He put his hand to the ground and sent his magic out around him. They must burn their dead because there was not a single corpse buried in the immediate area. He would just have to make him a few then. He slowly began descending the cliff side until he reached the bottom, and made his way around until he was standing downwind of the town. There were a few candles burning in the lamppost along the dirt road running through the small town, but as ones of his kind, they wouldn’t need light to see in the dark. The moon provided all that was needed.


According to his information, the item he needed was at the bottom of the well in the center of town. It made sense. It was what fed them all. It will be what will feed his creations as well. All he needed to do is make it to the well, and his magic will do the rest. Well, there was the little task of creating some bodies. He never really minded killing anyway.


A couple of children ran around the back of building closest to him and he smiled. The first child ran to the tree he hid behind, and as the child approached, he broke his neck, and let him lie where he fell. Soon, the other child approached looking for her friend. He dispatched her as easily before moving closer to the building they had come from. He waited along the back wall as he heard footsteps approach.

“Molly and David. Your chores are not finished. You’ll get yourselves back home right this instant or it’ll be the belt for you.”

She took a step further away from the back of the house. She had no more time than to gasp before the knife slid into her chest. He ran his hand down her face before lowering her to the ground and wiping the blood off his knife onto her dress.


He slipped around the house and up the small alleyway that separated it from the almost identical home. As he made his way to the front a man stepped into alley.

“Who are…?”

The knife flew from his fingers and entered the man’s chest. The man’s words were cut off with the sound of a gurgle. He quickly made his way to the man and retrieved his blade.


He could see the well from where he stood. It was only about twenty feet in front of him. He smiled. He had been waiting for this day. Planning, gathering details, practicing spells, all waiting for the day he possessed it.


He looked around the square. There were several others roaming around, but none of them seemed to be alerted. He knew that could change in a matter of seconds though so he drew a deep breath to steady himself and prepared for what he would need to do. He waited until there was no one near the well, and he took off for it.


As soon as he entered the square, there were several shouts, and one of the villagers tried to jump in his way. He threw one of the death spells he had prepared, and the Vampire fell instantly. Just as he made it to the lip of the well, there was a gunshot, and he could feel pain blossom in his thigh, but he had come too far to stop now. He dove into the well to the sound of more shouts.


Once he hit the water, he could feel the healing magic in it, and he used it not only to heal his wound, but to cast a spell shielding him for the revolvers pointed at him. As the bullets bounced off the shield, he searched the waters for what he needed and soon found it hidden in the corner at the bottom of the well. He smiled as he returned to the surface of the water and opened his hand. Inside was a blood red stone the size of his entire palm. The Asis stone. He laughed from the exhilaration of finally holding it in his hand. He had searched the world for this one small stone, and now he was unstoppable.


He sent out his magic to the dead he had left behind, and they answered his call. He took a moment to send a burst of magic into each one then stood there waiting. It wouldn’t take long.


A moment later he could hear a small voice. “Daddy. Why are you shooting at the well?”

“Get back, honey. There’s a man in there. We aim to make sure he never leaves.”

The voice was closer when it spoke again. “I know daddy. He is my master, and now I have to kill you.”

There was a scream, a crunching sound, and several gunshots that soon died off.


He smiled before sending more magic out to reanimate his newest kills then he sent orders to them as well.

“Leave no one alive.”

All will perish from this village. He couldn’t run the risk of someone sending for help.


By the time the sky was just turning the purple shades of pre-dawn, he walked out of that village with several of the townspeople in tow. He had been sure to feed them enough magic that no one would suspect what they really are, and now that he has the stone, he had more than enough magic to keep the spell going for as long as he wished. He would use this magic to create more, a lot more. He would build an army the likes of which the First Lord has never seen.

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