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Review of Justice Buried

Today as part of the Justice Buried book tour I’m doing a review on Hilary Thompson’s first book in the Starbright Series, Justice Buried. I’ve got to honestly say that I’m not a big fan of most young adult books. There are those few that due to the circumstances the teen draws my attention because she is in a world that requires her to take on responsibilities no normal teen would have to face. Astrea, or Trea as she’s nicknamed, is one of those teens and Justice Buried is one of those books.

The book takes place generations after a large scale decimation of the population on earth. Leaving the survivors living in an underground city. A promise of a prophesy to lift her community back to living above ground forces Trea to chose a partner she wouldn’t otherwise have picked and sends her on a journey to both save her life and help her people.

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself eagerly turning the pages (running my finger across my kindle) to find out what would happen next in this young woman’s life. With a next installment due out soon now would be the time to try the series. So for those of you interested in a really interesting YA adventure here’s the link for Amazon.

Also, Hilary Thompson is giving away a signed copy of Justice Buried and a $20 Amazon gift card. Here’s the link for that.

And, last but not least, there is going to be a facebook party on June 8th from 7:00-10:00 pm and here’s the link for that.

I wish you all good reads. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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Hilary - June 3

Hi! Thanks for participating in the tour, and for the review!

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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.