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Well, I drove my daughter to school for the last time as a kindergartner this morning. There is something about the end of a school year that is both saddening and elating at the same time. On one hand I’m reminded about how fleeting time really is. I’m sure I don’t have to go into the whole spiel of how it seems like just yesterday she was born.

On the other hand, the end of school means one extremely important thing at this house….SUMMER!!! In celebration I wrote a small verse. I call it Ode to Summer.

Summer, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways.   I love your blazing sun and one hundred and one heat index. I love your one hundred percent humidity and pop up showers.(I do live next to the Gulf of Mexico after all.) I love your mosquitos after the rain and yellow flies during the droughts. And most of all I love the twenty hours of this bright heat so that I can spend that time lounging (sweating) on my deck and writing witty things like this.

I like it even if no one else does. Have a great Thursday everyone! Remember, tomorrow is Fabled Freebie Friday. I will be taking down the post from Friday before this last so if you haven’t read it, do it! Do it now!

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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.