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The Ultimate List of Supernatural Creatures for Creative Writers

Looking for something different to add to your book? Check out this list of supernatural creatures for creative writers.

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of the same type of supernatural being in every novel I read. I suppose if I only read one book a year, it would be okay if they were all about vampires and werewolves. But, I read a lot. I used to read more, but the money ain’t gonna make itself, so until I find a way to read for cash, I’ll just have to deal with sneaking a chapter or two in before I pass out each night.

Since I read several books each year (probably 12 that aren’t my own), I want some diversity. Give me some creature never heard of before with some ability I’d never be able to come up with myself. Short of that, give me a creature that doesn’t have 1.2 million books already written about it. By the way, I totally made that number up. I don’t know how many vampire books there really are, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that there are way more than a million.

To help you come up with some lesser known creatures for your next novel, I’ve compiled a list. Some of these creatures date back millennia while others are somewhat newer, but the real fun will come in turning them into the creature you want them to be. That is why we have an imagination after all.

The Ultimate List of Supernatural Creatures for Creative Writers

    1. Ahuizotl – (Aztec) Flesh eating dog-like creature
    2. Alp – (Germanic) Night demon
    3. Anunnaki – (Sumerian) Gods; the offsprings of Anu, god of the sky, and Ki, the earth goddess
    4. Apsara – (Hindu) Female spirit of the clouds
    5. Aswang – (Philippines) Shapeshifting monster that eats flesh
    6. Bakeneko – (Japanese) Magical cat
    7. Baku – (Chinese) Fairy that devours nightmares and dreams
    8. Banshee – (Irish) Female spirit with a loud shriek
    9. Barghest – (Northern English) Monstrous black dog
    10. Basilisk – (European) King of the serpents with the power to kill at a glance
    11. Bluecap – (English) Mine-dwelling fairy
    12. Bodach – (Gaelic) Malevolent spirit
    13. Bungisngis – (Philippines) Giant cyclops
    14. Cabeiri – (Greek) Smith and wine spirit
    15. Cambion – (French) Offspring of an Incubus or Succubus and a human
    16. Canaima – (Guyanese) Were-jaguar
    17. Centuar – (Greek) Human/horse hybrid
    18. Changeling – (Irish) Fairy child left to replace a stolen human child
    19. Chimera – (Greek) Lion/goat/snake hybrid or shifter that can change into any of these animals
    20. Coraniaid – (Welsh) Dwarf-like creature that can hear any word the wind carries
    21. Cŵn Annwn – (Welsh) Spectral hounds of the otherworld
    22. Domovoi – (Slavic) Protective house spirit
    23. Dæmon – (Greek) Nature spirits
    24. Dodore – (Norse) Fairy with one eye, one arm, and one leg
    25. Dracae – (Scottish) Water fairies
    26. Dryad – (Greek) Tree Nymph
    27. Elf – (Germanic) Nature and fertility spirit
    28. Ellydan – (Welsh) Goblin-like creature that leads travelers astray
    29. Enfield – (Irish) Fox/eagle hybrid
    30. Erchitu – (Sardinian) Ox/human shifter or wereox
    31. Ewah – (Cherokee) Human/cougar hybrid
    32. Fates – (Greek) Goddesses; weavers of the destinies of men
    33. Faun – (Greek) Half-goat/half-human creature of the forest
    34. Fetch – (Irish) Doppelganger
    35. Finfolk – (Orkney) Fish/human hybrid
    36. Fomorians – (Irish) Hostile sea creatures; enemies of the Tuatha Dé Dannan
    37. Fuath – (Gaelic) Malevolent water spirits
    38. Gandharva – (Hinduism) Male nature spirit; husband of the Apsara
    39. Ghillie Dhu – (Scottish) Child-loving male faerie
    40. Gjenganger – (Scandinavian) Corporeal ghost
    41. Gnome – (Alchemy) Cunning but diminutive spirit
    42. Griffin – (Greek) Lion/eagle hybrid
    43. Grigori – (Biblical) Angels
    44. Hag – (Middle English) Malevolent old witch
    45. Harpy(Greek) Death spirit in the form of bird/woman hybrid
    46. Hesperides – (Greek) Nymphs of evening or sunset
    47. Hobgoblin – (European) Friendly or amusing goblin
    48. Hu Hsien – (Chinese) Malicious fox fairy
    49. Hydra – (Greek) Multi-headed water serpent/dragon
    50. Igigi – (East Semitic) Gods; watchers in the sky
    51. Irin – (Biblical) Angels
    52. Kallikantzaros – (Southeastern European) Malevolent goblin who lives underground but surfaces during the 12 days of Christmas
    53. Kitsune – (Japanese) Fox spirit
    54. Kobold – (Germanic) Sprite that can appear as an animal, fire, a human, and a candle
    55. Korrigan – (Breton) Fairy or dwarf-like spirit
    56. Kupua – (Hawaiian) Trickster demigods
    57. Lampades – (Greek) Underworld nymph
    58. Leanan sídhe – (Celtic) Fairy lover
    59. Lutin – (French) Amusing goblin
    60. Manananggal – (Philippines) Winged female monster that can sever its upper torso
    61. Mara – (Buddhism) Female night demon
    62. Matagaigai – (Papuan) Tree spirit, comes to ill people and determines their death
    63. Minotaur – (Greek) Creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man
    64. Mishipeshu – (North American) Underwater panther
    65. Muse – (Greek) Inspirational goddess
    66. Nasnas – (Arab) Demon/human hybrid with only half a body
    67. Nix – (Germanic) Female water spirit
    68. Norns – (Norse) Similar to the Fates; they control the destiny of both gods and humans
    69. Ogbanje – (Nigerian) Evil spirit that plagues a family with misfortune
    70. Phoenix – (Greek) Large bird that is reborn from its own ashes
    71. Poltergeist – (Germanic) Ghost or collection of ghosts in one place
    72. Qalupalik – (Inuit) Human-like creature that lives in the sea and steals children
    73. Qilin – (Chinese) Chimera-type create, harbinger of change
    74. Rokurokubi – (Japanese) Human-like apparition whose neck stretches or head completely comes off
    75. Salamander – (Medieval) Elemental fire lizard
    76. Satyr – (Greek) Promiscuous creature with horse-like ears and tails
    77. Selkie – (Scottish) Seal/human shapeshifter
    78. Simargl – (Slavic) Winged lion or dog
    79. Skin-walker – (Navajo) Malevolent animal shifter
    80. Sphinx – (Greek) Winged lion with a woman’s head
    81. Sylph – (Western) Air elemental
    82. Talasam – (Bulgarian) Snake shaped demonic creature who guards a treasure
    83. Tangie – (Orkney) Shapeshifting water spirit
    84. Thunderbird – (North American) Avian lightning spirit
    85. Trolls – (Norse) Cave-dwelling creatures
    86. Tuatha Dé Dannan – (Irish) Deities, fairy folk
    87. Undine – (Alchemy) Water Elemental
    88. Valkyrie – (Norse) Female spirit who leads the souls of dead warriors to Valhalla
    89. Vila – (Slavic) Weather spirit (nymph)
    90. Vrykolakas – (Greek) Undead wolf/human hybrid (feeds by touch)
    91. Water Sprite – (European) Water elemental
    92. Wendigo – (Algonquian) Cannibalistic monster, sometimes spirit that possesses humans and sometimes a human-like creature
    93. Wraith – (Scottish)Water spirit or ghostly apparition
    94. Wulver – (Shetland Islands) Immortal wolf spirit
    95. Wyvern – (English) Flying reptile, usually with 2 legs and wings
    96. Xana – (Asturian) Female water spirit
    97. Yali – (Hindu) Lion-like beast (part lion, part elephant, part horse)
    98. Yeti – (Nepal) Ape-like snow creature
    99. Zin – (Songhay) Water Spirits
    100. Ziz – (Jewish) Giant bird

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    This list in no way encompasses all of the mythological creatures out there, and while I’m sure you’ve probably heard of a lot of them, they’re not as wildly overdone as some of the supernatural beings.

    I hope this list sparks your own creativity. After all, with a little imagination, a creature of ancient myth can become whatever you want it to.

    Do you have a creature you’d like to add to the list? Leave a comment and tell us about it.



Looking for something different for your fantasy novel? Check out this list of supernatural creatures for creative writers.

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