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Creatures are plaguing Atlanta, killing the magical beings and stealing their magic. When a wizard is killed in front of Logan Callaghan, a centuries-old Fey warrior, a war begins. A Witch from another plane will be the key to figuring out where these creatures come from and how to stop them. Add, in a few Fallen Angels and you have a battle unlike any before on this earth.


The Darkness is available for pre-order!!

What’s The Darkness, you might ask. Well, I’ll tell ya what The Darkness is. The Darkness is the start to getting the answers to all those questions left behind by The Forged by Magic Trilogy and The Avery Tywella Series.  The primary questions being, “What about the other Fallen that were left behind?” and “What about the Fey guys who still have to find their women?” Oh and I can’t forget a big one, “What makes these women different to begin with?”

If you read either Avery’s or Genivieve’s series and want to know more about the men in them, the Fallen-Fey Chronicles are the novellas for you. Each book focuses on one of my favorite fellas and his quest to not only save the world (small potatoes) but find the one person on this plane that will turn his world upside-down.  Book one, The Darkness, is now available for pre-order and will release on October 13th. With book two, The Cursed (can you guess who this one’s about), being released in November and book three, The Light, releasing in December.

The good thing about the Fallen-Fey Chronicles is that you don’t have to read the Forged by Magic or Avery Tywella series to enjoy them. Sure there will be a few snippets that would make better sense having read either series, but this is a completely independent series with a whole new set of creatures to battle and a discovery that will change everything for both races. Of course there is the question of what is happening with Avery and Jared while the rest of the Darkened band duke it out with bad guys. Well, you will soon find out. I will be posting a free Avery Tywella short story here on my site on release day for The Darkness. That’s October 13th in case you forgot. Mark your calendars for Pete’s sake.

Here is the description from book one, The Darkness.  I’ll also post an excerpt from the book sometime next week. ‘Til then, enjoy, and Happy Tuesday!

the darkness

The Fey have only one enemy they cannot conquer—time. Time can crumble cities and cause the most vital memories to become nothing more than wisps of dreams. For Logan Callanach time wasn’t his only foe. Searching for the an elusive fairytale, his ramblings brought him to Savannah, Ga. Being a long way from home was the least of his problems, though, as a man is killed in front of him by a being Logan had never even heard stories of. That only began what would be the worst and best day of his very long life.

Riya Grayson had hoped she wouldn’t live to see this day. She had trained her whole life to fight the Darkness in the event they came to her new world, but her only family was dead and she was now being forced to face the Darkness alone—or so she thought. Her journey to fight a being that has plagued her nightmares since childhood would side her with a group of men she knew only from stories, and it would seem she would need to embrace their assistance to defeat the Darkness before this world was also lost.

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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.