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Today’s Quote and an Update.

Last Saturday was my daughter’s birthday party (I’ll attach some pics below) and I spent the week before preparing. On my down time I didn’t want to get sidetracked writing so I worked on the outline for Fable City instead. I like outlines when writing a book because my brain holds too much useless junk to be able to keep all the scenes in proper sequence. Plus, I tend to think of little things to add in so as I write my outline I always leave plenty of space for anything extra. Anyway, I got the outline ready and Saturday night after the party (while a half dozen girl’s heehawed upstairs) I set to writing on Fable City. Only my brain totally wasn’t into it. I would write a sentence or two but then my mind would wonder. Some would call this writer’s block only my mind was slipping off to enjoy some quality time with this other book idea I had. After trying to force writing on Fable City Sunday too with no avail, Monday evening I said ‘to heck with it’ and pulled up a blank document. I figured I would write a chapter or so in this other story then maybe my mind would be prepared to get back to the book I wanted to write.

I wrote over fifteen thousand words in this new story in less than two days. With appointments, kid’s ear infections and prom dress shopping mixed in, that was a lot of typing. I hadn’t even written an outline first for goodness sake. I’m over twenty-five thousand words currently (still without an outline) and my mind’s still hot for writing it. So change of plans. As fast as this book is coming together I should be able to have it ready for publishing by mid-April. That will put Fable City out by probably mid-May. If this changes I’ll let y’all know.

On to the Quote. I picked this one from, Darkened, the first book in the Avery Tywella Series. It’s Avery and her bestie Temmy talking.
“Good. Now go finish getting ready. I’ll not be seen in the company of some raggedy ho,” I said.
“Too late. You already invited Saundra,” Temmy responded.

That whole conversation was funny but alas I figured this post was long enough without adding the whole thing.

Now here are some pics from my daughter’s sixteenth birthday. As I’ve said before, I make the pinata, cake and most of the decorations for my kids’ birthdays and hers was no exception. She wanted an Adventure Time theme with Lady Rainicorn as the pinata. As soon as my husband saw the picture of Lady (he’s not a big cartoon watcher) he told me, with a devious smile, that he could handle that. I was thoroughly confused but I know how much he likes messing with our daughter and her other teenage friends. Well, a few days later he shows me a picture with three different sized PVC pipes he had bent at work. I didn’t bother to ask him if preparing evil plans was all he did at work every day because I already know the answer. Anyway, I picked the pipe I thought would work the best and the next day he brought it home. I hid it in our bedroom until I was ready to make the pinata. Now, I will say here that normally I work for a couple of hours at a time on my pinatas and it usually takes me at least a week or two to complete one because I don’t have the time to work on it everyday. But I knew in order to prevent my daughter from seeing the pipe hidden inside I had to have it built and the first layer of paper mache put on before she got home from school. Needless to say, I didn’t get anything else accomplished that day and worked on it from the time I returned from taking them to school and had just laid the last piece of newspaper in place before I left to go to her softball game.

But it worked. She had absolutely no idea there was a pipe hidden inside. After putting the candy in it I had duct taped both ends and you can see in the pic below that it is what actually broke after my hubby had made them take turns with, first, a plastic bat then finally broke out the metal one and they had a great time beating the junk out of it until the candy was finally released which took over a half an hour. They were all shocked but thought it was great at the same time. They know my hubby well enough to know he would do something like that. But they also know its me who does the pinatas so I think that’s what threw them. Here’s the pics of the finished pinata as the beating began and the pipe after all the leftover paper mache was removed. Plus, some of the cake.


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This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. Read the full disclosure here.